How-To: Use Leftovers

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One of the easiest ways to plan ahead is to cook extra meats or whole grains and use them in different recipes. 

Always label and date leftovers before freezing. 

Cook Once, Eat Twice Food Examples:



- Cook extra chicken breasts or thighs
- Cover and refrigerate or freeze meat
- Serve HappyHealthy's Easy Chicken Pot Pie recipe the first night
- Make HappyHealthy's Chicken Salad the next night
- Try Chicken Noodle Soup or Chicken Taco Soup

Brown Rice

- Cook extra rice
- Cover and refrigerate or freeze rice
- Serve with HappyHealthy's Slow Cooker Jambalaya the first night
- Prepare HappyHealthy's Fried Rice for the second meal
- Serve HappyHealthy's Chili over rice


Beef or Pork

- Cook HappyHealthy's Beef Stew
- Cover and refrigerate or freeze stew
- Serve the stew the first night
- Use stew to top a baked potato for the second meal

- Make HappyHealthy's Slow Cooker Pulled Pork for the first meal
- Serve it again on a bun or in a wrap
- The leftovers are great added to a salad


Whole Grain Pasta

- Cook extra macaroni or spaghetti
- Cover or refrigerate or freeze pasta
- Serve HappyHealthy's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce the first night
- Prepare pasta salad for the second meal
- Or toss roasted vegetables with the spaghetti



- Cook hard-boiled eggs
- Peel and refrigerate the eggs
- Prepare HappyHealthy's Tuna Salad the first night
- Enjoy cooked eggs by themselves, added to a salad, or make deviled eggs for the second meal

Discover lots of ways to be creative with recipes and leftovers to keep your family HappyHealthy! 

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