How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken

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Getting ready:

- Have a bowl ready for chicken pieces
- Wash your hands

Cut off the wing:

- Pull the wing away from the body
- Cut from the top down through the joint

Cut the skin between the leg and body:

- Cut the skin (not meat) to see where the leg connects to the body
- Put down the knife

Break the hip joint:

- Hold a leg in each hand and lift the chicken
- Bend the leg backward until the joint pops

Cut off the leg and thigh:

- Lay the chicken on its back
- Cut the leg and thigh away from the body

Separate the leg and thigh:

- Bend the leg to find the joint
- Cut through the joint

Cut between the breasts:

- Make a shallow cut along the breastbone
- Use your fingers to loosen the meat from the bone

Cut breast away from ribs:

- Guide the knife along the ribcage
- Make small cuts with the knife tip, pulling the meat away from the bone

Cut off the breast:

- Cut the breast away from the body
- Repeat steps 7-9 on the other side

Clean up:

- Remove the skin and any excess fat
- Sanitize the knife and cutting board
- Wash your hands

A whole chicken cut into 8 pieces

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