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Safe End Point Temperatures for Food

Eggs and Egg Dishes

  • Eggs cook until yolk and whites are firm
  • Egg dishes: 160°

Ground Meat and Meat Mixtures

  • Turkey, Chicken: 165°
  • Veal, Beef, Lamb, Pork: 160°

Fresh Beef

  • Medium Rare: 145°
  • Medium: 160°
  • Well Done: 170°


  • Chicken, whole: 180°
  • Turkey, whole: 180°
  • Poultry, Breasts, Roast: 165°
  • Poultry, Thighs, Wings: 165°
  • Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird): 165°
  • Duck and Goose: 180°


  • Fresh (raw): 160°
  • Pre-cooked (to reheat): 140°

Fresh Veal

  • Medium rare: 145°
  • Medium: 160°
  • Well done: 170°

Fresh Lamb

  • Medium Rare: 145°

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