Measuring Liquid Ingredients

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Measuring liquid ingredients

You can measure tablespoons and teaspoons of liquids with the same measuring spoons you use for dry ingredients. But measuring larger amounts of liquids is not the same as measuring dry or solid ingredients. To measure liquids correctly and get them out of the cup easily, use a liquid measuring cup with a pouring spout.

Choose clear measuring cups

So that you can easily see the level of the liquid inside.

Choose measuring cups with large, easy-to-read markings

To show the measurements. If possible, choose cups with the measurements molded or etched onto the cup, so that you can still read the measurements if the ink wears off over time.

Place the measuring cup flat on the countertop or table

So the liquid inside will be level and you will get an accurate measurement. When reading the measurement, keep your face at eye level with the cup. Looking at it from above will cause you to get an incorrect measurement.

Use a spoon or a rubber spatula

To get thick liquids, like molasses, out of the cup.


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