Preparing to Cook

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Various utensils used for cooking including measuring cups and spoons, a spatula, spoon, knife, and glass container.
  1. Put Everything in Place
    Professional chefs call this Mise en Place (Pronounced meez on plahs)
    • Before you cook, gather all the tools and equipment you need.
    • Gather all the ingredients.
    • Wash, trim, cut, prepare, and measure all the ingredients.
    • Prepare the equipment—preheat the oven, line baking sheets, etc.
    • Now, you’re ready to go!
  2. To Measure Liquids
    • Use a glass measuring cup with measured amount indicated on the side of the cup.
    • Place cup on flat surface.
    • Look at it at eye level as you fill the cup to the needed line.
  3. To Measure Dry Ingredients
    • Use a measuring cups set.
    • The measuring cups will have the measurement on it.
    • Spoon or scoop the ingredient lightly into the measuring cup.
    • Run a knife across the top of the powder to level the surface.
    • Scrape off excess.